strong workforce

A skilled and motivated workforce.

Jackson County is the most industrialized county in Mississippi and is home to the state’s largest employer, Ingalls Shipbuilding. Numerous Jackson County employers—including Chevron, Rolls-Royce, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Unmanned Systems Center and countless others—build their success with the help of a remarkable pool of employees who deliver top quality in often-complex positions.

Jackson County has the highest percentage per capita of manufacturing workers in the State of Mississippi; 22% of employed residents in Jackson County – 13,662 people – are employed by the manufacturing sector. With an eligible workforce of 62,213 people, Jackson County offers a wide base of skills for any potential employer.

Mississippi is a right-to-work state and does not require its companies to negotiate wages and benefits through unions. On an hourly basis, wages are 75% of the national average earnings.

Businesses with operations in Jackson County, Mississippi can count on motivated employees who are committed to their work and proud of their community’s reputation for excellence.

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